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Support Your Immune System

Feel a cold coming on? Heat up the kettle, stock up on oranges, ask someone dear to bring over soup. While these comforting solutions can help overcome sickness, we at  RESPECT wholeheartedly believe in boosting your immune system before illness takes hold. Our superfoods, which are rich in immune boosters like antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids, will help you do just that.


Antioxidants are our bodies' super-defenders. In combating unstable molecules called free radicals, they help keep us healthy and our immune systems strong. By eating foods rich in antioxidants, we not only create a foundation of health, but are also primed to fight off sickness when it strikes. RESPECT Spirulina, Açai and Moringa powder contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants in any known food on earth. That's why we call them superfoods. 


Aiding in the formation of cells and tissues, minerals are a type of micronutrient that is essential to our overall health. One key mineral for immunity is zinc, which is an active immunity enhancer, helping to regulate cell production and fight inflammation. Boost your mineral intake with RESPECT cocoa powder and spirulina.  

Essential Fatty Acids

“Essential” because they cannot be produced by our bodies and thus must be acquired from our food, essential fatty acids are yet another key component of a strong immune system. These fatty acids underpin proper immune response in addition to brain and nervous system functioning.  RESPECT spirulina and moringa are outstanding sources of plant-based essential fatty acids and can be easily incorporated into your diet in their single-ingredient forms or your home made smoothies.