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Superfoods to keep your digestive system running smoothly

We tend to be bashful about discussing digestive health. Yet digestion and gut health are some the most important functions of our bodies—and directly connected to overall health. So let’s start the conversation!

As soon as you start thinking about food, your body kicks the digestive process into gear. Crazy, eh? Our bodies are masters at identifying what they need, pulling it from the food we eat and getting rid of the rest. They use digestive enzymes to help break down food, extract nutrients, separate out waste and shuttle everything to where it needs to go.

Our digestive systems contain trillions of bacteria. It's hard to imagine, but the bacteria in our guts outnumber the cells in our bodies by a factor of 10! When things get out of whack, we become susceptible to digestive issues: stomach aches, constipation, inability to fully absorb nutrients, weakened immunity and even more serious digestive system issues. So how do we give our guts the support they need?

One key way is by eating a variety of nourishing, easy to digest, anti-inflammatory foods:

  • Fiber-and antioxidant-rich superfoods like RESPECT Baobab, Cocoa and Açai powder.
  • Cleansing superfoods like RESPECT Green mix powder and
    Spirulina sprinkles.
  • Fermented foods that naturally contain probiotics (like yogurt)
  • Gut-supportive superfoods like our Green mix, Spirulina sprinkles  which contain probiotics and enzymes that bolster digestive health.

    By incorporating these foods into our diets, we reduce the strain on our digestive systems while also feeding them the ingredients they need to thrive.