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Pea Protein Isolate

Why Pea Protein Isolate?

Recently, the popularity of pea protein isolate as a vegan protein source is through the roof and there is a justification to it.

A few of the benefits of this Superfood are discussed below.


High in Protein

Pea protein isolate is a high quality protein source. Two scoops (20g) contains 15g of protein. It contains essential amino acids that cannot be created by the body yet is important for growth. 

The superfood is rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) which improves heart health, healthy blood flow and muscle growth.


High Satiety 

Research has found that protein makes you full for longer periods than carbs or fat. Even better, some studies have proven that pea protein isolate digests more slowly than whey. 

As a result, it satiates you for long and helps with post workout recovery for athletes. This could be recommended for people who seek to control their appetite or weight.

Great Vegan Substitute

 Pea protein isolate is dairy, gluten and lactose free. It does not contain whey or casein. 

This makes it a good alternative for vegans and lactose intolerant people. The gluten free nature gives those sensitive to gluten a healthy source of protein without struggle.   


Works well with any diet

 Pea protein isolate like in Respect Shape and Control gives a creamy texture to your shakes and smoothies. 

Because this superfood is the main ingredient of our Shape and Controls, it can be used to aid weight loss by replacing it with your last meal of the day. The high satiety nature of the pea protein isolate will keep you full for the night and the other nutrients in the Shape and Control will ensure you have a balanced diet. Respect Shape and Control comes in chocolate, vanilla and red fruit options.

Our Respect Plant Based Performance also has this superfood as the main ingredient and can help with gaining lean muscle, while enhancing your workout recovery rate.

 Looking for a good source of pea protein isolate, visit our Respect Shop now for Superfoods made with the best pea protein isolate. 


Happy body, Happy soul!