Customer Testimonial from Wanida Lewis, Ph.D. – Respect - Happy body - Happy soul

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Customer Testimonial from Wanida Lewis, Ph.D.

For the past few years, I have been on a journey of self-care and acceptance of where I am in my life path.  As part of this journey, I have become laser focused on becoming more plant-based in my dietary intake.  I’m a food scientist by training as well as a yoga teacher and felt that if I’m going to talk about respecting your body to others, I need to walk that path myself.

I moved to Ghana over a year ago and gladly changed my dietary needs to incorporate locally based foods. I came across the RESPECT brand’s plant-based products and decided to try their Spirulina product.  

Before moving to Ghana, I had never heard of Spirulina from Ghana and loved how RESPECT as a brand gives the history of where the product comes from as well as the health benefits you may receive upon consumption. Spirulina has a high content of iron, antioxidants such as β- carotene and vitamins.

These components are not easily attainable through food products but I’m glad that using the RESPECT brand I’m able to enjoy a product that brings awareness of its origin and will not need to be questioned of the “cleanliness” of the product. 


I am respecting my body with respect products.


Wanida Lewis, Ph.D.

Food Scientist & Yoga Teacher

CEO & Founder Crescendo Foods Ghana